5 Benefits of Open Minded Leadership

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December 19, 2016

I have one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Every day I have the opportunity to meet with leaders and staff from a broad range of industries; ranging from healthcare to hospitality to transportation to technology.  In each company I get to observe the inner workings of the business and marvel at the creativity and intricacies of each.  As diverse as each company and industry is, there seems to be common denominator at the most positive and progressive businesses.  What is it you ask?   Open minded leadership.  Let me explain.

Many leaders have what is called an “open door policy”; "my door is open, come talk to me, I can help."   Having a policy like that is great if you approach each employee with an open mind and supportive approach.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  Recently an employee told me about her company’s “Open Door Policy.  She said, "yeah, we have an Open Door Policy and a Closed Minded Leader.  It's a joke!"  She said that no one ever went through the “open door” as the leader did not listen and had a rigid mindset.  Well as you would guess, the “Open Door Policy at that company was merely in name, and had no impact on the company’s creativity, productivity or morale. So why become an open minded leader?  Consider these benefits.


  1. RECEIVE VALUABE INFORMATION: Being open minded is a conscious decision and is a mindset.    By having an open mind to new ideas, new possibilities and innovation, it is not just possible but probable that you may receive valuable information.
  2. IMPACT MORALE & PRODUCTIVITY: Open minded leadership sends a message to all employees.  It encourages involvement and enthusiasm, which directly can impact morale and productivity.
  3. DRIVE PROFESSIONAL GROWTH:  Open minded leadership drives professional growth.  As a leader, not only will you have new ideas and suggestions raised, but the input of others may encourage your mind to stretch and develop, resulting in better ideas and opportunities.
  4. GAIN NEW PERSPECTIVES:  Open minded leaders are curious.  Leaders with a curious mindset tend to approach work and life with a thirst for knowledge and openness to being less judgmental. Curiosity can lead to seeing new perspectives and approaches.
  5. REDUCE STRESS:  An open minded approach can reduce stress and anxiety. Operating a business from a solo perspective is not only limiting, but can be stressful. There is power in receiving input from others.

So being an open minded leader makes great sense.  Understand that having an open mind does not mean you have to implement every idea or suggestion that comes you way.  Just providing staff the opportunity to be heard without judgement can go a long way to drive employee engagement and morale. 

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