Awesome Activities to Enrich your Virtual Gatherings!

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April 9, 2020

We are all adapting to our new normal.  Virtual Business Meetings, YouTube Workouts, Virtual Happy Hours, Zoom Dinner Parties … and my personal favorite "Improv Games Gatherings" on Zoom.  Creativity is at it’s peak as we seek to maintain connection with others.  Over the past week I have become somewhat of a Zoom aficionado, setting up virtual gatherings aimed to infuse optimism, fun, emotional support and human connection.  As we shift to participating in, and in some cases, leading online gatherings, I thought some of you might find my list of virtual activities helpful.  I have used these with friends, networking groups and business teams. Enjoy!

To get particpants warmed up on the video call - throw out a question to spark conversation.   Have participants take turns sharing their responses.  Here are a few of my favorites.​

~ If you could have lunch with a famous person – living or dead (from history), who would it be & why?  

~ If you could have lunch with a family member from the past (no longer alive), who would it be & why?

~ What has been a peak moment in your life?  What happened and why was it so important to you?

~ Share one accomplishment you are proud of?  What made it special?

~ Share a funny or embarrassing moment that happened to you?

~ What is the strangest, coolest, or most fun job you ever had?

~ If you could change professions … and there were no obstacles (time, money, ability, age, etc.) – what would you choose to do?

~ Share one new activity you are doing or an opportunity you are taking advantage of during the “stay at home” time.


Show & Tell:  Ask particpants  to find an object in their office/home that has special meaning and an interesting story behind it.  Have each person show object and share story.

Categories:   Have participants go around in a virtual circle and come up with words in alphabetical order relating to a catagory.  For example: The catagory is movies.  The first person thinks of a movie beginning with the letter A - Animal House,  the next person comes up with a  B movie  - Black Panther, the next person a C movie - Carrie ... and so on. Each person gets 8 seconds to respond.  If they can't come up with an answer, they are out of the game or if it's happy hour - they sip their drink.  You make the rules!  You can change the categories to other topics : Sports Teams, Animals, Cars  etc.  This is a good activity for thinking on your feet which is important in building confidence, making presentations and networking.

Phone Photos:   Ask participants to choose a photo from their cell phone to share with the group and tell the story behind the photo.  Have them share  the who, what, where and why photo is meaningful.

Translator Improv Game:  Ask for 2 volunteers to act out a conversation using gibberish ( fake language) and 2 other volunteers to make up the translation of what is being said.  Ask the participants on the call to come up with the scene specifics. A location, an activity and a profession - For example Costco, Pizza Making, Janitors. Once players know their roles and location, let the improv scene begin.  This is a great activity for bringing laughter and levity to the group .

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Stay Inside and Stay Safe   ~   Anita