Just Pick Up the Phone!

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October 2, 2013

Recently a client of my expressed his frustration about how his coworkers use email.  He had received a misinformed email message that, of course, was copied to a few critical people which in turn created a time consuming drama that could have been resolved in minutes.   The email was about a safety issue (an electric shock hazard) at a large company. Allegedly someone had gotten shocked.  Wouldn’t you agree that an issue like that warrants a phone call at least?  It’s like emailing an ambulance when someone is having chest pains! Or sending a letter to the fire department when a house is burning!  Where is our common sense and what have we come to?  Why are we so reluctant to engage in live communication?  The reason I hear most frequently relates to time.  It’s quicker.  But understand, quicker isn’t always better. 

When it comes to communication, use the tool that is most appropriate.  Texting or sending emails can be a great time saver.  When it comes to sensitive topics or time sensitive issues - direct verbal communication might be best.  So, think first before you communicate and choose your method of delivery wisely.  It could make bigger difference than you think.