Your Best Team

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April 6. 2018

Over the years, I have been in many plays and musicals … I was the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland,  a Hot Box Girl in Guys and Dolls, and Mrs.White in Clue (side photo:cast of CLUE ... I'm the one in black with the rope!) … just to name a few.  And while being on stage is exhilarating, being part of a cast is an equally amazing experience. The level of trust that develops between team members is like no other.  Each cast member must support  the other, and at the most critical times.  I remember being on stage and in the middle of my scene going blank; totally forgetting my lines.  It was terrifying for a split second.  Seamlessly, another cast member jumped in and covered for me with a little improvisation.  The next thing I knew we were right back on track and the audience was none the wiser.  It’s moments like these that make you really appreciate your team.

Have you ever stopped to think about your best team experience?  Perhaps it was a work team you were on … or a sports team… or maybe you were part of a community group that organized an event.  Now that you have your best team pictured in your mind, think about what made it a great team?  Was it the people, the camaraderie, the common focus or maybe it was the amazing results you achieved?  Imagine if you could duplicate that successful team experience on to every team you are part of.

NEWSFLASH!!!  You can!  Team Coaching International has developed a model that focuses on 14 specific team performance indicators that drive high performance teams.  These factors are split into 2 different categories:  Productivity and Positivity 

Productivity strengths support the team to achieve results, accomplish tasks, and stay on course to reach goals and objectives. The Team Diagnostic™ model identifies seven qualities necessary for teams to achieve high performance.  

  • Goals and Strategies  
  • Team leadership
  • Accountability 
  • Alignment
  • Decision Making
  • Proactive
  • Resources
The seven Positivity Team Performance Indicators™ (TPIs) of the Team Diagnostic™ model translate into strengths of a high-performing team. The strengths focus on the interrelationships between team members and the spirit or tone of the team as a system. The strengths are drawn from a number of research sources including Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and academic research into relationships that work.
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Optimism
  • Constructive Interaction 
  • Communication
  • Camaraderie
  • Values Diversity

Using the Team Diagnostic™, team members assess their team as a whole, and identify the team’s strengths and areas of opportunity.  The data captured from the tool, serves as a guide, as we work with teams to uncover the hidden issues, challenging dynamics and specific barriers impacting the team’s success.  Through the coaching process, we work together to improve the team’s overall effectiveness and performance.  After several months of team coaching, we redeploy the Team Diagnostic™ to measure the team’s improvement.  Most teams show a 20% or more increase in  their productivity and positivity score. 

If you are a leader of a team and would like to learn more about Team Coaching, Goldin Leadership Group is offering a FREE “Team Leader Assessment” and 45 minute coaching session during the month of April and May.  Together we will explore you team‘s performance and options for raising the bar. To set up you complimentary assessment, email  or call 949-387-3436 .