Team Development

Team Development is essential for building great teams.  Strong and effective teams don’t just happen.  Having a great leader is important, but that alone does not insure the creation of a high performing team.  All individuals on the team impact success.  From ability to attitude, each member plays a role in the complex nature of the team. Hoping the team “gels”, communicates effectively and gets things done” is not a strategy.  Accelerating team performance must be intentional.  Goldin Leadership group offers Team Performance Coaching programs as well as more immediate short term solutions such as Team Building .

Team Peformance Coaching

  • Is there an environment of trust, respect and a shared sense of purpose on your team?

  • Do team members take initiative to make things better and follow through on their commitments?

  • Does your team embrace conflict as a catalyst for positive change or avoid it like the plague?

Goldin Leadership Group works with teams to achieve measurable and sustainable results.  We start by getting a clear picture of the team’s current state. Using “The Team Diagnostic ™”, a tool created by Team Coaching International™, we identify where the team is at and get a sense of what is possible.  From there, our certified team performance coaches (CTPC) facilitate a proven coaching process, helping the team set goals and accelerate team performance.  The Team Coaching process extends over a 6-month period, creating a platform for ongoing growth, impact and sustainability.

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The Team Diagnostic™  
The Team Coaching Process
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Team Building Adventures  provides an opportunity for team members to connect  and collaborate in a work-free environment.  Whatever the stage of your team's development, Goldin Leadership has just the right program to inspire team members and foster team spirit. Our interactive team-building adventures offer team members direct experience that is relevant to their roles on the team. Participants practice critical team-oriented skills such as effective communication, mutual trust, cooperation and collaboration as they connect with one another through fun and creative challenges. Some of our popular activities include:

Construction Production: Build a bridge. Transport explosives over enemy lines. Create a robot that can write. Set your team loose on a problem that requires them to produce tangible results.

GO Big:  Using Giant Tubes, Cubes, Parachutes, Blocks and Balls, teams will participate in a series of SUPER-SIZED team challenges!  Play Parachute Volleyball, build a Giant Tumbling Tower, and compete in an innovative Colossal Shark Tank challenge. These are just a few of our GO Big activity options that will bring out the best in your teams.  Go to Leadership Toolbox to view a detailed GO Big description.

Corporate Team Idol: Let your inner Disco Diva or Rappin' Rock Star loose as you compete for the coveted Team Idol Award. Creative sparks will fly as teams collaborate to write original parodies to popular music and synchronize their dance moves as they perform. You'll be amazed by the hidden talents on your team!

These half-day adventures make great standalone events or can provide an enjoyable addition to a leadership retreat. Energize your team members by giving them the chance to express their playful, creative sides!  All programs are customized to address your team’s unique needs. Go to our Leadership Toolbox  to view our Teambuilding Menu .