Workplace Relationships

Workplace relationships  influence the effectiveness of a team and the overall success of an organization. Personal interactions among managers, among co-workers, and between managers and their subordinates all impact productivity, morale, and customer service. Positive relationships make working together easier and more rewarding. Damaged relationships create stress and tension. When frustrations build and feelings fester, the business suffers. Communication deteriorates, motivation drops, employees quit, lawsuits appear – chaos reigns.

When people from different backgrounds and with different personalities come together, conflict is almost inevitable. Interpersonal conflict is both normal and natural, and can be a positive force that reveals new perspectives and drives change. However, if managers do not address the root causes of conflict, interpersonal friction can undermine the capabilities of the entire team.

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Goldin Leadership offers three solutions to improve workplace relationships.

Coaching Leaders: Goldin Leadership works with leaders on a 1:1 basis, focusing on the development of positive and productive relationships.  Our coaching helps managers to become more aware of their possibly counter-productive communication styles and offers strategies for building strong relationships with both peers and subordinates based on mutual trust, respect and accountability.

Staff Relationship Repair: When two coworkers don’t see eye to eye or don’t trust one another because of past behaviors, the relationship deteriorates. The only way to repair the relationship is to open the lines of communication and identify concerns and hot issues. Once this occurs, the employees can undertake actions to move forward and rebuild the relationship.

Team Conflict: Conflict on a team is healthy. Differences of opinion and diversity of approach make a team more innovative and effective. However, when strong factions form within a team, productivity may come to a halt. Goldin Leadership Group provides teams with a safe space for working through their conflicts. We use the “Everything DiSC Workplace” assessment as a foundational tool for dialogue and discovery in our Team Repair sessions.

If your organization is experiencing workplace relationship challenges, give us a call.  Let us help you pave the way for a more productive and positive workplace environment.