• Be an influential Leader

    Communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility

  • Create a Drama Free Workplace

    Promote respectful relationships

  • Take the “Un” out of Uncomfortable

    Learn how to approach difficult conversations

  • Boost your team’s performance

    Get clear, get aligned & achieve exceptional results

Our Services

We work with leaders and teams in the areas of communication and leadership, enabling them to become more productive and effective.

Leadership Coaching

The best leaders recognize the importance of continuous improvement. Learn new skills and adopt new behaviors to make you a more balanced and successful leader. We will work with you to identify opportunities for growth and learning, then provide guidelines to assist you in developing your knowledge and abilities.

Conflict Solutions

Learn how to play nice in the sandbox . Conflict with coworkers is normal, but an inability to work through differences can create problems. Relationship coaching increases self-awareness, improves communication, and helps coworkers experiencing conflict find common ground and design a constructive approach for resolving interpersonal issues.

Team Performance

Teams make it happen! Whether it’s a leadership team, project team or your board of directors, team members must collaborate and cooperate to get things done. Using the Team Coaching International™ diagnostic tool, we facilitate powerful coaching conversations that uncover team needs, transform team behavior, and elevate team performance.

Our Approach

We work with clients to identify the underlying issues impacting success. Once the challenges are clarified, we utilize a variety of techniques to achieve your goals.

It’s all about YOU and meeting your needs. We focus on solutions not symptoms. We work with our clients to identify the underlying issues impacting their success. Once the challenges are identified and clarified, we work together to shift behaviors, design solutions, and take action. We utilize a variety of tools and techniques including targeted , individual coaching, relationship coaching, mediation, team performance coaching, executive team retreats, training, and group facilitation. Our role is to support you through your growth process and enable you to achieve the results you desire.

About Us

Goldin Leadership Group has been helping organizations get the very best out of their people for the past 17 years using proven techniques in many areas of business

Meet Anita

Since founding Goldin Leadership Group in 2006, Anita Goldin has dedicated herself to helping groups and individuals realize their potential and reach their goals. In addition to her work as a certified leadership coach and team development specialist, she has over twenty years of experience as human resource director and executive team member within the Hilton and Hyatt hotel chains. This background has given her deep insight into the practical problems faced by organizations, leaders, and teams in today’s hybrid workplace.

Whether working with teams or individuals, Anita never hesitates to address the elephant in the room. She helps her clients tackle their most difficult challenges: sharing critical performance feedback, interacting with difficult people, managing office politics. No topic is off the table.

At the same time, she highlights the importance of positive experiences in building cohesive and effective teams. Common vision, mutual commitment, trust and yes, shared fun, are key determinants of team performance. Anita’s own energy, creativity and optimism set the tone for win-win solutions to organizational problems.

Anita is a Certified Team Performance Coach credentialed through Team Coaching International. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts as well as mediation certifications in both Virginia and California and received her formal coach training from Coach University.

Our Clients

We work with leaders and teams from a variety of industries, including Hospitality, Healthcare, Fashion, Automotive, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Higher Education, Associations and Non Profits

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