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April 6, 2015

Being Boston born and bred, and in honor of the upcoming Boston Marathon, it is my pleasure to share with you an article from one of my project partners, Jim Miller. Jim will run his 108th Marathon in Boston on Partiots Day , April 20th.  Go Jim Go!

So the Seasons are changing, New Year’s Resolutions, for most, are all but forgotten and Q1 results are in relative to budget…. The question is, is everything working out, so far this year, as planned? If you are like me – there have been more than a few surprises – personally, professionally, financially, maybe even physically; which makes the next question all the more important – what are you going to do in response? As an experienced marathoner, I draw a lot of life lessons from my running and training and in most cases, part of my solution and resolution comes from an important component to running a marathon – PACE.

Whether a surprise or success of this year so far is facing you, we want to help address or continue your efforts in such a way as to help elevate the your effort.  Consider some of the following questions regarding your PACE?

  •   Are you treating your efforts as a sprint, instead of a marathon?    Most worthwhile efforts take time…..
  •   Do you clearly see the Finish line?   Trust me, the initial Momentum is hard to sustain for 26.2
  •   Are you comfortable with what you are undertaking?  Not expecting a walk in the park, but if you can’t hit your stride, easily-naturally, you will exhaust yourself before you even hit HeartBreak Hill.
  •   Have you considered all the potential obstacles, challenges?  Did you know that the Heartbreak Hill of the Boston Marathon is really a series of gradually increasing hills that last almost 5 miles?

The athletic answer to each of these questions deals with finding your own PACE….and the Pace for a 5K might be a 6 minutes mile; the PACE for a half marathon might be closer to a 9 minutes mile and the Pace for a full marathon might be to just cross the Finish Line…which in and of itself is a milestone accomplishment for most.

Pick your Pace..

Jim Miller is a new partner to the Goldin Leadership team.  HIs specialties include Sales, Strategy, Hotel Turnarounds and Operations.  As you might guess from his blog entry, he is a true go-getter, driven toward action and results!  Watch our Linked in and Facebook Page for an amazing " key note speaker " offering from Jim & Goldin Leadership Group!