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On this page you will find a variety of training tools, interactive exercises, leadership articles, and documents that you can use to for professional development, team development and to enhance morale. Click on the Download Button to get your own copies of these valuable resources.

Teambuilding Tools

Ignite Your Team's Performance

A summary of the Team Coaching process .


Minefiled is a classic teambuilding activity used to increase trust and improve communication.  It is experiential, engaging  and is an excellent jump off for discussion and introspection.

New GO Big Teambuilding Program

In GO Big, teams are challenged to complete enourmous tasks using oversized props and tools.  This attachment describes the activities clients can choose from to customize their groups teambuilding experience. 

Scavenger Hunts

The download below will provide you with step by step instructions on how to create your own scavenger hunt.  Scavenger Hunts provide an excellent opportunity for team member to come together as they to communicate, cooperate , collaborate to fulfill their mission.  The element of competition can also make an event like this exciting and memorable!

Team Coaching Case Study_ HealthCare

Team Coaching Case Study  1

Team Diagnostic Brochure

A synopsis of Team Coaching International's cutting edge team performance assessment. 

Team Player Assessment

The attached tool is a great exercise to get team members to evaluate their role and their effectiveness on the team.  Part I the tool is to be done individually and part 2 is to be done in pairs.  A interesting phenomenum I have observed is that partners are often are able to provide external perspective ( not seen by the individual) and reinforce positive attributes.  This exercise works well at planning retreats as well as teambuilding gatherings.

Team Traits

Team Traits Cards are to be used in conjuction with Minefield Activity.

Teambuilding Menu 2014

Goldin Leadership Group offers several Teambuilding Adventures designed to encourage communication , collaboration , cooperation  and teamwork among coworkers. They are highly interactive and lots of fun. Check out out customized Scavenger Hunts, our unique Tubeez "Construction Production  or perhaps your team is ready for a little Corporate Team Idol.  Our programs work best with groups from 8 - 50.  We have indoor and outdoor options.  Download this document to learn more. 

Leadership Tools

Confidence Tips

Confidence and leadership go hand in hand.  Attached are 10 coaching tips for building self confidence.  Each item has an action area where you can identify steps you will take to increase your confidence.

Delegation Self- Assessment

The attached document is a series of questions designed to get you thinking about your delegation skills and time management opportunities.  The purpose of this assessment is purely as a self- awareness tool.  To make concrete and sustainable progress in your leadership abilities consider contacting Goldin Leadership Group for one on one coaching.

Leadership Quotes and Qualities

Attached are 20 great quotes about important leadership qualities. This collection of quotes can be used as a catalyst for group discussion at a training session or meeting, around what qualities are essential for a good leader to possess.

Setting Boundaries

We live in a fast paced world where our personal and professional demands can often be overwhelming. 

  • Do you ever feel like you have too much to do and too little time? 
  • Do you find yourself agreeing to things when you know it’s too much?     
  • When was the last time you said “yes” to something you wanted to say “no” to? 

If you are ready to regain control of your time and energy, click the PDF and dowwnload your free boundary setting exercise.

Training Tools

Customer Service Taste Test

A simple 5-10 minute exercise to use as an icebreaker when discussing the Customer Experience and Customer Service. Try it yourself and you will be surprised by the difference in taste strength of sugar and salt .  A great analogy to the service experience!

On The Spot Thinking

Creativity and spontaneity are important factors in the workplace.  Whether you are making a sales presentation, dealing with a customer service issue or just trying to improve process and workflow, one's ability to improvise on the spot can make a huge difference in the outcome.  The activity below is an exercise to help get people thinking quickly on the feet, with speed and finesse.  It is a warm up exercise that would be good before a brainstorming session or any other type of training where you want people loosen up and be creative.


Penny Eyedropper Exercise

This is a great training activity to use at the beginning of a training class or brainstorming session. Learning topics include learning to build consensus , perception versus reality, and understanding the power of limiting beliefs.

Relationship Tools

Workplace Relationship Tips

Damaged or difficult relationships can create stress and tension for one or both parties.  Frustrations build and feelings fester.  When left unattended to, productivity declines, employees quit, lawsuits are filed and quite simply put ... all hell breaks loose.  So what can you do prevent management meltdowns, business blow ups and coworker clashes? Attached are 4 tips that  can help relieve the pressure and create more harmonious and productive workplace relationships.

Workplace Relationships Podcast

Listen to the "The Coaching Perspective" radio show featuring Anita Goldin which aired on October 10, 2013. This interview includes some key information on workplace relationships and the "Relationship Repair" program that GLG created and uses with many of our clients.