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May Newsletter 2015

Does Poor Service Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

Every day we play the role of customer; from the toothpaste we use to the gas we pump, to the doctor’s we visit and restaurants where we eat.  So no one knows a great service experience better that you.  That said, when we have a bad customer experience, it seems to stay with us.  When asked to relay a poor experience, I still think of how United Airline treated me when they lost my luggage over the Christmas holidays … and that was over 15 years ago.  It’s a known fact that people tend to remember their bad service experiences more readily the good ones.   In this month’s Newsletter, I want to share with you a great customer service training exercise that exemplifies the power of a negative service experience. I call it "The Customer Service Taste Test" …. Click here to download this Training Exercise located on our website under Resources/ Leadership Toolbox / Training Tools . Enjoy!

Can Customer Service Coaching Benefit You and Your Organization? 

Goldin Leadership has specialized in customer service and coaching for close to 10 years.  Our service focus has landed us in luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, elite car dealerships, and exquisite spas.  In addition we have expanded into the health care arena, allowing us to making a huge positive impact on the patient experience.   While our training programs are top notch, nothing seals in the learning and behavioral changes like coaching.  We tap into the service provider’s real life experiences and share tools and techniques for better service outcomes.  We explore the total customer experience and identify ways to make a positive impact.  Our coaching programs can be done on an individual basis or in a group format.  Group coaching is especially effective in the service arena as it taps in to the power and experience of the team.

For more information about Customer Service Coaching, call us at 949-387-3436 and learn how you can improve your customer, guest or patient experience. 



September Newsletter 2014

How to Manage a Micro-manager

Have you ever worked for a manager who excessively controls every detail of your job?  If you have, you know it can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing.  In a situation like this, you may be tempted to leave your job but that isn’t always an option in a competitive job market.  The good news is that there are some strategies that can help you master the art of managing a micromanager.  Here are seven tips that may help ease the tension between you and your boss as well as create a more positive and collaborative work environment.

  1. Understand the cause of your micromanager’s behavior.  A micromanager’s behavior often stems from fear and insecurity.  It could be a result of intense workplace pressure or personal issues at home.  If you can understand that it is not a personal issue with you, you may be able to approach situations with empathy and not react with anger.
  2. Change the way that you communicate with your boss.  Communicate like crazy.   If you are given a project, discuss details and big picture ahead of time so that your boss can feel confident that you understand what is asked of you. Also, listen very carefully.  Make eye contact and nod to show that you are absorbing what is being said.   If possible, restate what your boss has communicated to confirm understanding. In addition, being proactive and providing frequent updates may help your boss see that you are accomplishing what is asked of you. 
  3. Look for Patterns. Most micromanagers are pretty predictable.  Start to look for situations or patterns that trigger your micromanager.  You might find that your micromanager becomes more agitated at certain times of the day or week.  If you aware of the triggers, then you can hopefully ease the tension early and be ready to offer solutions.
  4. Acknowledge your Manager’s Talent. It may sound the oldest trick in the book, but praising you micromanager for their wisdom and expertize can help build a stronger and more trusting relationship. Keep in mind that authenticity is important, so be sure to acknowledge “real” talents or attributes.  Your manager will be able to recognize insincerity.
  5. Be an Overachiever.  Many times a person may be a micromanager because they have difficulty trusting that your work performance will be sufficient.  Try to go above and beyond what is expected to earn your boss’ trust.  Also create a reputation of excellence in the workplace, which may make your boss feel more confident about your capability.
  6. Look in the Mirror. Check to see if you are the only person being treated this way?  Make sure that you are not contributing to your boss’ negative behavior.  Sometimes people may be contributors by not communicating properly, having bad work ethics, etc.
  7. Speak up.   If you have tried everything and have not seen an improvement, sometimes speaking to your boss gently about your feelings may alleviate the situation.  Many times micromanagers are not even aware that they are managing in such a manner.  Try to not to point fingers but to discuss a way that you may be able to communicate more effectively with your boss. Express your feeling in a non-threatening manner, suggesting that you might be able to accomplish more if you were given more responsibility with less interference.

In some situations it may be time to walk away.  This will be the case if you start to have your personal life and health negatively impacted.  Everyone deserves the right to work in a healthy environment.   Unfortunately, in the end not all negative workplace situations are fixable if both parties are not willing.  At least you can step away knowing that you have tried your best and other opportunities lie ahead.

Trust & Communication Activity

Trust is the foundation of all successful interpersonal relationships, including workplace relationships.   Without trust, employees may feel uncertainty, worry, and a sense of insecurity.   If you want a functioning team that is eager and productive, an environment of mutual trust and respect is critical.  Click Here to view this months training activity on trust and communication.  Located on our website in the Leadership Toolbox /Teambuilding Tools section, "Minefield" is a classic teambuilding exercise!  Enjoy!

November Leadership Tools

November 1, 2013


Creativity and spontaneity are important factors in the workplace.  Whether you are making a sales presentation, dealing with a customer service issue or just trying to improve process and workflow, one's ability to improvise on the spot can make a huge difference in the outcome.  This month's training game is exercise to help get people thinking quickly on their feet, with speed and finesse.  It is a warm up exercise that would be good before a brainstorming session or any other type of training where you want people loosen up and be creative.  CLICK HERE and go to our Training Games Section / On the Spot Thinking to download instructions for this activity.


What does your 2014 look like?  Planning for the future is a key element in creating success for any organization. Without goals and direction, teams falter, players get distracted, conflicts ensue and progress is diminished.  Set your team up to score with a professionally facilitated Corporate Retreat.  Goldin Leadership will partner with your leadership team  to create an engaging retreat experience which will address the needs of your team and your organization.

Some of the key areas we can address include:   Vision ♦  Values ♦ Mission ♦ Goal Setting ♦ Problem Solving  ♦  Conflict ♦  Communication ♦ Team Building  ♦  Leadership ♦  Obstacles  Strategy  ♦ Service

Don't get stuck without a plan or lost without direction. Take your team and your organization to a higher level of purpose, passion, progress and profitability.  Contact Goldin Leadership Group to faciliate your planning retreat and  path to the future.  Email us at info@goldinleadership.com or call 949-387-3436.  And check out our Leadership Tool Box for great free tools to enhance your retreat!  Go to the Teambuilding Tools section for you Team Player Assessment.  CLICK HERE!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

August  2013

The Coaching Compass has a new name and a new look.

Introducing "Goldin Leadership Group"  

We are excited to launch our new brand and with it, a new name, a new logo a new website and new contact information.  As we grow and change, our intention is to make available more services and tools to address our clients’ needs.  Rest assured, we will continue to offer the same quality executive coaching, engaging training, experiential teambuilding and workplace solutions.  Check out our website. We have some cool new tools and information to help you grow as a leader and develop your team. Click here for direct access to

The Quiz this month's quiz is on Leadership and Approachability

Our Blog ...full of leadership lessons and coaching tips

The Leadership Toolbox with downloadable tools for training, leadership, teambuilding and relationship skills

And be sure to make note of our new contact information:
Goldin Leadership Group
14271 Jeffrey Rd Suite 354 Irvine, CA, 92620
Phone: (949-387-3436   Fax: (949) 417-0361


DYO Scavenger Hunt! 
The Summer is
perfect time of the year to take advantage of the good weather and get outdoors. When employees are given the opportunity to work together in playful challenges, personal bonds are strenthened, communication is sharpened and morale soars.  This month I’ve prepared for you some simple steps to creating your own scavenger huntYou can plan a hunt as a single teambuilding event ,or incorporate it into a employee picnic or barbecue. Check out out Leadership Tool Box on our new website for our step by step guide to creating your summer hunt. Enjoy!


Teambuilding Special!
Goldin Leadership Group is offering a teambuilding special that will knock your socks off.  During August and September we will conduct our 2.5 hour Construction Production Program at your facility for $695 (maximum 24 people). Read about the details of this program by clicking  Leadership Toolbox and download our teambuilding menu.  Call us today at 949-387-3436 to set up you special Teambuilding Event.